Fighting To Stay In Control

Ever feel like life is out of control for you?  Ever feel like you are in a boat out in the middle of a stormy ocean?  You want to row your way out of the storm, but there aren't any oars in the boat, forcing you to just go wherever the waves take you?  There are... Continue Reading →


The Murder Of Old Bessie

Growing up on the farm, all us kids had chores in the morning that needed done before we got on the bus to go school. One of my chores, each morning, was to collect eggs from our chickens. There was one chicken. Her name was Old Bessie. She would chase me every time I came... Continue Reading →

What Lies Ahead?

Look.  See that tree up ahead? Why is it there?  It sure stands out in this ocean of green and color. Perhaps at one time, a house was there.  I mean this old road was put here for no reason. Shall we go and see?  Or.  Shall we turn around and go back home.  No. ... Continue Reading →

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